UF Water Purifier





  Non-electric :-
  Non-electric and chemical free purification process.

  UF Technology :-
  Online UF membrane base water purifier.

  Automatic operation :-
  Auto start and auto off with no human assistance needed.

  Food Grade Material :-
  Food grade and unbreakable plastic construction for long life.

  100% Pure Water :-
  UF membrane removes all micro organisms like... bacteria & viruses   from water.

  Self Cleaning :-
  This technology drains out harmful bacteria, viruses and turbidity   completely which helps in enhancing water quality.

  Low On Maintenance :-
  Minimal service and maintenance requirements.


Parameters Eco Tops Misty
Flow Rate 20-30 LPH 30-40 LPH 30-40 LPH
Storage Capacity - 8 L 7 L
Filter Cartridges Sediment + Carbon + UF Sediment + Carbon + UF Sediment + Carbon + UF
Body Material Hygenic Food Grade Plastic Hygenic Food Grade Plastic Hygenic Food Grade Plastic
Power Supply/ Battery Not Required Not Required Not Required
Dimensions W12 * H17 * D8 W13 * H18 * D12 W15 * H18 * D12
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year

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