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Making Water Worth Drinking


Water Purifier (RO) For Bore well water

The RO advantage:
Enhance the taste of drinking water by removing salinity ( most of the salts and organic irons ) from raw water. It produces pure and safe drinking water by removing finest impurities, bacteria and viruses. Pure water always available on demand. Hardness removal feature. System also self stop when tank is full.

Why Ultra RO:
The Ultra RO comes with many value added features that make the complete range a phenomenon in the category.

What is Reverse Osmosis?
Reverse Osmosis is the process which utilizes a semipermeable membrane to remove dissolved minerals. If two solutions of different concentrations as seprated by semi permeable membrane, then the water from the weaker solutions flows towards the concentrated solutions as if to try to equalize concentrations. This is the natural osmosis phenomenon, but if a sufficiently high pressure is applied to the concentrated solution, the pure water from it, is forced through the permeable membrane, leaving behind the dissolved substances. This is called Reverse Osmosis. Thus RO unit can produce clear, fresh, tasty water from hard water, well, river or municipal water.

Absolute purification in 5 stages:

Stage-1: Remove dust, metal and sand particles
Stage-2: Remove chlorine, colour and other organic impurities
Stage-3: Remove fine particles
Stage-4: Removes all microbiological impurities & total dissolved solids by passing the water through high capacity, RO membrane (0.0001 micron)
Stage-5: Polishes the water to improve taste, removes odour & gives it a crystal appearance

Model Regular Delux Gold
Output 8-10 Ltrs. / Hr. 8-10 Ltrs. / Hr. 10-12 Ltrs. / Hr.
Storage Tank 8 Ltrs. 8 Ltrs. 10 Ltrs.
Inlet TDS Upto 2000 TDS Upto 2000 TDS Upto 2000 TDS
Rejection of TDS Approx. 90% Approx. 90% Approx. 90%
Electric supply 220 V, 50Hz. A.C. 220 V, 50Hz. A.C. 220 V, 50Hz. A.C.
Inlet Pressure 7-12 PSI 7-12 PSI 7-12 PSI
( hxdxw)
18" X 12" x 13" 18" X 12" x 13" 17.5" x 12" x 13"



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